Artificial Intelligence & Potential Impacts on HUman Rights in India

Exploring impact of AI deployment by businesses in India on human rights of consumers in sectors of healthcare and financial services, and the labour force in sectors of retail and gig economy.

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Unpacking Social and Economic Gains from Encryption

We intend to broaden the horizon, informing the economic and social value of encryption, consequently, emphasizing the need to recouple gains from encryption to policy.

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Agency for Societal Platforms

This study engages with the notion of agency in three significant ways- understanding its meaning, locating its loss, and thinking towards its restoration.

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Vaccine Study

The study explores offline intermediaries and the new rising digital intermediaries and hopes to function as a flagbearer towards future research on this.

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Agency Deck

We mapped the breakdowns in thinking about agency and surfaced design principles for its restoration.

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Last mile access study

The Last Mile Access research was a 9-month empirical, mixed methods study conducted by Aapti Institute in partnership with Omidyar Network India and eGovernments Foundation.

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Just equitable data labelling

We explored the state of the labelling or annotation industry with its varying business models and prevailing practices.

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Principles for Societal Platform Governance

We attempted to articulate a set of principles that could guide us in governing societal platforms. In doing so, we attempt to move towards calibration of values.

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Futures of Workers

The report brings forth the contestations and particularities underlying these questions by understanding the platform economy through the perspective of workers.

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Societal - Research paper

A simple explanation on breakdown of agency due to lack of access suggesting capacity of an individual to act independently and to make free choices

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The future(s) of work: Unpacking the relationship between work from home and gender

Our paper aims to explore the intersection of ideas of work from home with gender realities and their implications for imagining the future of work from home.

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Democratising Vaccine Access : Panel discussion

A thought provoking discussion on vaccine access and equity to address promises & pitfalls of vaccination strategy & role of digital tech mediated operation.

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Translating Research Into Action in the time of Covid-19

The key takeaways from the session were the importance of establishing partnerships, and community based participation in research design to ensure holistic ethical standards.

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Ecosystem Governance Principles : With Societal Platforms

We attempt to articulate a set of principles that could guide us in governing societal platforms. In doing so, we attempt to move towards calibration of values, rather than blandly state categories.

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Response to NODE Whitepaper

Aapti Institute responded to the whitepaper on National Open Digital Ecosystem and highlighted the relevance of community architectures in accountability and inclusivity for transparent government platforms.

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Response to NIUA on Draft Municipal Governance Standards

Aapti Institute responded to Draft Municipal Governance Standards and highlighted the significance of leveraging offline architecture within the realm of municipal grievance redressal.

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